3 Best ways to balance your relationship

We are living in a fast-paced lifestyle, where 10-12 hrs of our day is spent at work or school. All of us are striving for a better future and to be successful in our careers. There’s too much pressure on us as compared to previous generations, peer pressure, health issues, social pressure, and a robotic lifestyle has made us really lose ourselves emotionally and mentally.

Millennial are hurting, even more, According to study millennials-experiencing-crisis-in-relationships. Most millennial say they are dissatisfied with their intimate and peer relationship. All the pressure either work or financial is taking a toll on relationships.But, there are ways to balance your love relationship too.

Long-term relationships are hardly heard and seen now, hookups and getting rid of someone are really taking a huge part in relationships.

Human emotions and touch are really important for all of us,  love is a basic need to live with someone and to have a healthy relationship. But, during this robotic life, our relationship and love are really affected. But, we can fix it, there is always a solution when we fall into any crisis.


The influence of social media in our lives has taken over so much, which is causing issues in our relationships. Jealousy over any Like/Posts by any of the partners creates a fuss among couples.

 Assessing someone’s personality based on social media pictures and lifestyle is more important, rather than what’s in reality.


 Therefore, limited usage of social media while you are hanging out or staying with your partner should be done.

Feelings of jealousy should be ignored while scrolling through social media and comparing your partner with someone else you see on social media.

 Disconnect and look into your partner’s eyes, complement made on his/her face has more value than complementing on social media posts.


The young generation is lacking in communication skills. They can text with abbreviated words like “ROFL’ ‘YOLO’ ‘Wyd’ ‘idk’ and so on.

Lack of communication skills has made them great at texting, but worse at talking in front of their partner. Stressing out on little differences among them is a new norm, rather than tackling it.


Communication is always better than hiding your issues under the rug, disconnecting yourself from text conversation/ Netflix and chill, and rather talking ‘ How can we resolve our differences?’

Most relationships end up due to a lack of communication and therefore turned into long distance kind of relationship. Listen to each other issues, and address them.

The older generation’s relationships had lasted longer because of communication among partners.

You can also try couples counseling services, if both of you are not getting best out of your communications.


A person without any goals in life is like a driver who can’t control his car on a curvy drive which would lead his/her car to get off the cliff sooner or later.

Relationships and love life is a really beautiful part of life, but it gets really annoying if your partner doesn’t have any goals in life.


Always choose your partner who has goals in life. What do they want to achieve professionally and how do they want to live their lives. 

Both partners would have different goals, but you have to respect and accept each other goals and help out each other to grow. 

Set your relationship goals too,and move along accordingly.

–  Love and relationships are like a seesaw, 

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both partners are part of this fun and engaging phase of life where both have to input their efforts as in a seesaw, where each one will take turns but balancing the seesaw will always be a key. One sided relationship will not last longer. 

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