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4 Reasons why you are lacking productivity

Every now and then, we come to hear that ‘I don’t have time ‘ to do such and such things. With hectic work life and stressful time at work, most of the energy gets drained out, and the desire to do other things in life gets left behind.

But, if we keep complaining about our work and life, we will never be able to change our lives. Rather than waiting for weekends or days off from work to finish the task which you had waited a whole week to do so, or in a professional setting wait for a reminder email from your manager to speed up your work.

It is high time to find out the reasons behind lacking productivity in your life at work and after work


Even though it sounds awkward, not creating a ‘To do list’  is the first and foremost reason for not being productive. Either you can note down your ‘to-do list’ task in any notebook/diary or in any app on your phone, It creates an impact on your day since you would already know what task you would have to do.

You can create this list either before going to bed or while having morning coffee. It only takes a few minutes to jot down your task on the ‘to-do list’ whether you have a doctor’s appointment, have to do groceries, shop online, or do laundry.

Professional Setting:

The same goes for your professional life:

  • Quickly create a ‘to-do list’ as soon as you start your work. You can jot down a list on sticky notes or sticky notes digitally. This list could have
  • Which important email to look for
  • What points do you have to discuss with your manager
  • What do you have to remember before closing your day?


‘I don’t have time ’ is the most common sentence we hear around us. After creating a ‘to-do list’ the time management most important aspect of approaching that list. Lack of time management really affects our productivity.

Most of daily life’s tasks can be done with time management. For e.g., you can do laundry which usually takes around an hour or so and during that time you can prepare a meal or can do exercise.

Professional Setting:

Time management is the most important skill at work, you cannot achieve success In your professional life without it. Few attributes you can adapt to achieve it

  • Break down your ‘to-do list ‘
  • Find out the toughest task of the day with respect to the deadline associated with it, and finish it first
  • Reply to that email which is longer and important to answer
  • Keep checking the time while doing any task/project and speed up accordingly


Almost all of us are distracted by phones, regardless of whether we are not doing any important calls or gossiping with our friends. We are only killing time by scrolling through social media or jumping from one app to the other.

A cell phone is a huge distraction and yet a huge reason for not being productive in our life.

Professional Life:

In-office work settings usually have no ‘cell phone on the desk’ policy which doesn’t affect work life.


Not being able to concentrate on any task or getting burned out by doing the same task again and again due to boredom, is also the hurdle to losing productivity.

This factor persists in both on the work and of the work tasks, getting boredom easily and not willing to repeat it, also makes your productivity down.

Therefore, it is necessary to focus on your tasks regardless of getting repeated to them.

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