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5 Ways of Finding Red Flags in a Relationship

 If it’s your first time getting into a relationship or not, it is certainly a tricky part of how to choose someone for a relationship. 

Sometimes, it’s good to be true and sometimes it’s our illusion of seeing someone the way we want to.

But, there are five ways I have cracked down to find red flags before getting into a relationship


Someone you meet on the first date, and keeps talking about himself/herself and keeps bragging about their achievements and lifestyle.

Congratulations, you have found the first Red Flag. This kind of person would end up being self-centered and would only care about him/her.


If you’re on a date at any restaurant where waitresses are present. You can find out how that person is treating them. 

If he/She can’t be polite and respectful to someone like that. Most probably, this person will not have ethics and can only show respect based on other person’s money.


Everyone’s priority is different, but if you really want a good relationship, you can easily find out if you’re dating a wannabe rich, who’s only doing it to impress you, but the reality is the opposite.

Congratulations, you have found the third Red flag. If you can’t be real about yourself, you will keep portraying yourself as a millionaire without actually working for it.

 A big lie like that will have a ripple effect later on.


If the priority of life isn’t to be successful or get better financially or professionally. Then, you’re on a date with someone who doesn’t have their life’s priority straight.

This kind of mindset usually stays in their comfort zone and doesn’t grow financially or professionally.


This is for girls if this guy is trying to be too much touchy in your initial stage of dating.

Congratulations, fifth red flag, and most importantly an important red flag for you.

Set your boundaries, being touchy initially indicates that his intentions are not right, and later it will hurt you if things would go further.

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