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5 Ways of tackling fear

It was my first swimming lesson, I kept standing at 4-Feet depth and was hesitant to even go ahead in 6-Feet depth. 

My trainer held my hand and told me, “you will not get drowned” with him. It was my fear of getting drowned, which was coming in my way of learning to swim, but as soon as I started getting a hang of my surroundings and let go of my fear, I started to swim without any support.

 I took control of my nerves and that had helped me to overcome my fear, my body reacted to it and I was able to swim.

That’s what Fear does, it held us to keep us in our comfort zone and lets us confuse with “What if I Can’t, I will fail” and all sorts of questions with negative consequences attached to it.

Whether it’s our first biking lesson, roller coaster ride, Driving lesson, Skating, or making new friends. We all have experienced some fear in any form.

 It is because of fear of falling, that we are not able to take any step to take any new challenge in our life.

The biggest question is: How to Overcome Fear?

Well, I have jotted five ways to get rid of fear, which will help you to dive into new challenges of life.

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Take control of your nerves; you are in control of yourself, Fear is only a hurdle to jump over. Face your fear. Take a deep breath and ease your nerves and let your body and mind do the magic for you.

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Find someone who can motivate you to take on a new challenge in life. Whether it’s fear of starting a new business or getting into school. 

Get motivated with any of your friends, personality, or mentor. Motivation can help you to overcome any fear in your life too.

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Negative Thoughts

Don’t overthink before you want to try a new thing or take a new step. 

Overthinking brings negative thoughts and it makes us feel down or make us fail in general.

 Stay out of negative thoughts, which is why fear builds up. You are in charge of your thoughts. your body will react the way you are thinking.

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Yes, you will fail at first. But, you will get better with the passage of time. 

Failure is the best teacher, don’t be afraid of failure. 

No one is perfect, but even if you fail, remember that you have at least overcome your fear even if you fail in what you are trying to do.

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Always think ‘I want to experience it. no matter what it takes’ (doesn’t mean you will danger your life). 

Think of getting a new experience in your life you will get, let go of fear, and feel the experience in your life.

If you have ever felt fear at any stage of your life, drop your comments with your ways of tackling it.

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