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5 Ways to avoid Hatred

“Hatred plays the same part in government as an acid in chemistry” -Winston Churchill

It is a powerful quote from Winston Churchill, which explains it all. A powerful and devastating impact hatred creates on someone’s life, career, or relationship. 

A combination of dislike emotions evolves into anger inside someone’s heart and that anger evolves furiously into hatred. 

Anyone who is going through a hatred phase eventually takes down anyone/anything which comes in his/her way. 

Hatred could start over someone’s success, clothes, love life, and many others.

 It creates a devastating effect on anyone’s life, where you can’t stand on anyone’s stature as mentioned above.

Anyone who’s going through the hatred phase can take another’s life too. 

The effect of hatred is like a Corona Virus, which increases its mutation quickly.

 Since it goes on and on and the cycle continues. It is important to know what steps should be taken to avoid it, if we have started any form of hatred inside us…

Let’s get into 5 ways of avoiding it:

  • Be Thankful for your Blessings

Start counting your blessings in life, your worth will never be by expensive clothes, cars or any materialistic stuff. 

Be thankful for your blessings and strive for better. 

Once you will be thankful for your blessings, you can avoid or control this feeling toward anyone

  • Let it go and Forgive

There are times when someone is getting on your nerves or have hurt you financially of any sort. 

If legal actions for any severe damage can be taken, go for it. 

If there’s not much then let it go and forgive. Keep your heart be a free bird, rather than carrying the weight of hatred.

  • Hold your Reins

Only you can control your emotions and anger which would lead to hatred. 

Control your emotions, walk-off from any heated arguments which could lead to any drastic step. 

Always remember, only you can hold your reins.

  • Everyone is living in their time

We all are going through our pace in life. 

What others might have right now, will be yours in the future. 

It is just a matter of time, try to accept this fact. Keep striving, you will get what is written for you at your time.

  • Counselling others

We can try to counsel/ talk to anyone who is going through this phase or can seek counseling to overcome it. 

There’s no harm in getting counseling professionally on this matter or giving counseling to anyone within your capacity.

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