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5 Ways to buy a car like a Pro

Even though we are in 2022, Car buying is still a bit hectic and time-consuming if you want to get the best deal.

 Therefore, I would recommend you to read this blog. I am going to crack 5-ways to buy a car like a pro. Without further delay, Let’s get started


I know car buying is a really exciting phase, no matter if it’s your first car or not. 

Before heading to any dealership, always research what are the best choices and rates are there in the market. 

The more knowledge you would have about rates, the more successful you would be with dealing.


This is very important, Let’s say if you want to buy the 2022 model, the best time to buy would be around August onward. 

Because the dealership wants to move their inventory as quickly, due to next year’s inventories are already onboard in the dealership.

 There’s a good chance you would get the best deal.

Also, keep on the lookout for holiday specials. For e.g. 4th July Specials/ Labor day specials.

 You might get better interest rates in these holiday specials.

Always have 3–5 hours of time in your hand, if you are ready to buy a car at the dealership. From test drive to the closing deal. YES! it takes a long time if you want to crack the best deal for yourself.


Always go for a test drive, before you get on to a table for negotiations. 

Ask as many questions as you can, regarding sticker price/features/ gas mileage/ interior /exterior/warranty.

 Try to test drive with 2–3 trims in that model, so you would have a better idea of which trims has better road grip or are comfortable for you and in your budget or if you would want to extend your budget depending on your comfort with any of the better trim.


Before negotiations, always check the dealership and car’s company website (Official website, for e.g Jeep/Ford) for any special. 

More informed you are about any specific special, they can’t dodge you. Usually, if you haven’t researched well on both websites, more chances of Salesmen will not inform you ( I have personally gone through this phase, and it had happened to me. 

Luckily I had researched well before and proved salesmen about the ongoing specials which he wasn’t offering me)

Now, since you are ready to crack a deal. Always remember, dealership salesmen will not take you seriously until you will let them run your credit, 

But you can get a rough estimate with them about the price and interest. If you are serious and have time on your hand, go for it.

A good or excellent credit score is important to take this negotiation into your hand.

Start negotiating with the sticker price, usually sticker price is higher than what the dealership website would be offering. 

Always double-check, you can check prices on the dealership website and compare them with what they are quoting you.

 Since you have already let them run your credit, you can negotiate on sticker price. They can lower the sticker price, it depends on your negotiation skills.

I had personally done it. The sticker price was $28,000 MSRP and by negotiating I had let them bring it down to $25,000 MSRP.

If they want to win your business and since they have to move that 2022 model due 2023 model is already in the house.

 Therefore, they will surely do it, but you have to push them for it.

Next, negotiate for best interest rates. With a Great or Excellent credit score, you would get 1.99% to 2.99% onward. 

If you have an excellent credit score, push them for better APR (which I did, and it had worked).

You can also negotiate on the Security alarm price, they can lower that price if you tell them you don’t want a security alarm, regardless they would tell you they can’t take it out due to factory installation.

 But negotiate for a better price on it.

— For first-time buyers, it’s better to get the cheap car on financing (that would build your credit for first-time buying) or let someone co-sign with you, Or you can lease it instead. Otherwise, you would get a higher APR.


Make an informed decision, you are excited about your new car. Don’t close any deal where you are stuck with higher APR and car debt.

Try to make as much down payment, it would ease your monthly payments and APR.

 Depending on your budget, it would be better to go for 64 months of financing, if not 72 months (lesser months means less interest and vice versa for higher months)

While closing your deal, make sure what you are signing for. There would be a lot of signatures. 

Always double-check the total price with the breakdown. Keep your calculator with you and double-check, if it matches with breakdown they are showing you. 

You can add an oil change package too if they have better rates.

Now that you have closed your deal. Make sure, all mats are included, the car has been washed, you must get a full tank and a spare tire with tire kit is included.

You have now shopped your car  like a pro. Cruise around and drive safely.

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