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5 Ways to travel like a Pro

As corona restrictions are easing in different countries. The year 2022 will be the busiest traveling year especially summer-2022-busiest-travel-season-ever. Traveling prior to the corona was really different, it has now changed our lives and way to travel. Therefore, traveling like a post covid has changed drastically. As we all say  “we have New Normal” in almost anything we are doing after COVID

Everyone is excited to travel back again, ease their stress and be free. Having said that, a few travel hacks have slightly changed too.


Since, Europe/ USA/ India/ Pakistan/Dubai / Middle east/ Iceland/ Norway/ Mexico and so on have lifted travel restrictions with no quarantine rules. But, covid restrictions change all of a sudden depending on the country’s covid situation. 

Best travel hack to travel in 2022, always make sure that current travel restrictions and PCR- Test requirements are applicable.

If you are booking your tickets with any travel agent, don’t depend on his information about covid restrictions in the destination country.

Regardless of your beliefs on covid vaccination, most countries do require vaccination proof for quarantine-free travel. Always double-check before you fly.


One thing covid has taught us, get coverage on COVID Insurance, regardless of your vaccination, it is now best to get COVID insurance and Travel insurance prior to travel.

 You don’t want to pay for expensive medical treatment in your destination country, it is now the best hack to get yourself covered with COVID insurance to save you from hurting your wallet while you want to be stress-free on your holidays/vacations.


If you want to be a pro in travel, never buy a ticket with less than 2-hours of connection time among flights.

 Chances are really high for you missing your connection and your bags will surely not make it with less than two hours of connection time.

If you still want to take a risk with less than 2-hour connection time, make sure you are traveling with only a hand-carry and backpack. 

And get your seat upfront as much closer to the exit door. Since you will have to run if your first flight gets a few minutes delay and the next flight will have less time to catch.


Always pack lite, and roll your clothes rather than folding them, it will save your space and weight. Prioritize it according to your needs than wants.

If you are check-in in your baggage. Always keep extra clothing with a night suit and travel-size toiletry, It will help you during flight discrepancies whenever there will be any delay.


Every country is different, what’s applicable in the USA will not be applicable in MEXICO or EUROPE, or elsewhere. Every government’s rules are different.

Always travel with open-mindedness to be accepting of every country’s rules.

If you require a visa, make sure you have photocopies of all required documents. Even though it’s a digital world but traveling outside Europe/ USA/ Australia, you should have photocopies for document proof. Better to be safe than sorry.

 -------- Travelling is fun, but you have to be organized and do some research prior to travel. Otherwise, your vacation will be a mess with any unseen circumstances with your less management and preparation skills.

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