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Attention: Love and Life teaches you Lesson

LIFE: Where to start about you? Should I start writing about you, from the day we were born? Or the day we start knowing about relations who belong to us? Or since we start our first grade? Or When we laugh, cry or start realizing the reality of you?

Regardless, it’s a roller coaster ride. No matter whether it’s the beginning, middle, or end of the ride.

 It keeps giving you goosebumps and keeps taking you from narrow turns to free fall, to highs or giggling you with its hidden treasures.

 Life is a gift from God, we have to keep learning with its highs and lows. 

Once, I went to a horse barn and I saw them training a wild horse. A wild horse is like a lost life which is uncontrollable. 

But, when i saw a horse trainer started making a connection with that wild horse, that horse started obeying his instructions. 

A horse trainer was teaching discipline and submissive behaviors and later starts controlling that horse with reins. 

Life is like a horse, which is uncontrollable until we take a control of it by its Reins. Just like we steer a horse by its reins, we can steer our life by taking control of it.

 We will never be content with the beauty of our life until we start accepting how precious, beautiful and such an amazing gift, we have got from God. 

It gets even more beautiful when the other part gets into it… 

LOVE: It goes hand in hand with life. Just like that horse trainer gained access to the horse’s heart, it led him to train as he wanted to..

 Once love slips into your life, it gets a direction to move. A reason to be happy and strive for someone who you love. 

Love makes you feel content about life, it makes you want to live more. I feel like, the reins of the horse is LOVE, you are sitting on a horse (LIFE) and the reins (LOVE) connect you with life. 
You are in charge of your love and life. It’s up to you, how you steer them. If you will hold your love (Reins)softly, You will fall. If you will sit on your life (Horse) softly, You will fall. 

But, every time you will fall, that would be your LESSON. Both love and life will keep teaching you lessons by making you fall again and again. 

Keep getting up and get on to the horse saddle again and again. Be firm with your sitting and to reins.

 “Where ever you are, and whatever you do, be in Love” — Rumi

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