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Dating for Life? Or Marriage?

Every now and then we come to know someone among us is getting out of a relationship or dating. 

Millennial’s, Gen Z are among the highest who are getting out of dating quicker than ever before and getting into new “relationships “quicker too.

Overall dating isn’t a bad thing to do so if it’s done for a short period of time, it teaches you how to navigate your relationship or how to handle any tough situation coming your way.

But, along the way, if any argument comes over between the two, you want to get rid of it rather than work out the differences.

Therefore, with every dating relationship you want to get rid of it and move on to the next person, for the sake of finding that perfect person you are aiming for.

But, as you get married to your “perfect” person, as soon as any argument or conflict arises, you want to finish it because your mind is so custom of getting rid of any such harsh situations coming your way because of dating habits. 

That’s what dating did to our mindset because that’s the first impression our mind tells us, to break it and move on to the next one.

On the other hand, Marriage is like a roller coaster ride. Which has twists and turns, but that’s what it makes it beautiful.

The divorce ratio is really high now, comparatively in the previous generation, since family values have downgraded and a more casual lifestyle has become a norm. 

Researchers estimate that almost 41 percent of all first-time marriages end up in divorce in the U.S.A.

Ways to make Marriage Easy;

  • Acceptance

Acceptance of the fact, that no one is perfect and there’s always a negative part among us that comes naturally with us.

Both men and women are created differently by God.

Men should accept that women keep going through their biological changes and it’s not easy for them to keep up the happy-go-lucky mood all the time.

Whereas, women should accept that men will do their chores sometime soon.

  • Patience

Just like a farmer waits patiently for its seeds to turn into fruit/Vegetable with strong patience of knowing that he will get the fruit.

Living with the other person needs exactly the same patience. 

Be patient with each other’s ups and downs. 

And be confident that dealing with patience with each other will give you healthy days ahead.

  • Faithful / Loyal

Be faithful to your partner, that’s a thin line of marriage. It is based on faithfulness, if you’ll break it then it’ll be hard to fix it again.


In simple words, I can elaborate as;

Dating is like a fast fashion, it quickly fades and you’ll keep wanting to replace it with a new charming one.

Marriage is like a Cone Ice-cream, it will melt if you’ll not give the same attention of holding it from every side.

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