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How Generation Gap Is Affecting Family Dynamics?

“ I don’t care, I don’t want to live with you, I can’t take this pressure anymore, you are choking my throat by imposing restrictions on my life ” Adam said to his dad.

Adam is now a teenager and doesn’t want any restrictions on him, or doesn’t want to do any chores at home while living with his parents.

On the other hand, his parents want him to follow the rules of the home, as it is for his betterment and would help him to lead his life in order.

We are seeing these issues more often around us, where young people do not want to get restricted and want to be free early on in their life.

With the inclusion of social media and technology in our lives, a new generation is not willing to compromise at any cost, whether it’s about finance or live together as a family.

The generation gap is widening more than before:

 But what is a generation gap?

A generation gap or generational gap is a difference of opinions between one generation and another regarding beliefs, politics, or values. In today’s usage, the generation gap often refers to a perceived gap between younger people and their parents or grandparents.

Family values and traditions were the core of bonding among families. Earlier generations were bonded together regardless of the restrictions and differences in opinion among kids, parents, and grandparents.

Let’s dig into the ways in which the generation gap is affecting family dynamics:


The advancement of technology has brought significant changes in our life. With gaming industry has shifted the focus of young kids toward screens.

Parents started to give gaming gadgets to kids, so they can be busy and do not bother them while they are working, this has made kids addicted to games.

Gaming and technology have a huge impact on a new generation’s behavior, where they do not listen to their parents and always want to stick to gadgets.

More rude behavior from kids/teenagers towards their parents/grandparents has created a huge impact.

Where younger people are blaming it on the generation gap and mostly blaming their parents for not being tech-savvy or do not know how much fun it is in gadgets rather than socializing.

This has certainly affected family dynamics, due to the new generation wanting to live their lives on their terms and not get bothered or get schooled about not using technology too much.


Parenting is not easy to do. Especially in this era, where lifestyles have completely changed. The older generation has not updated their ways of tackling their kids.

They emphasize old ways of parenting, which has made it difficult for new generations to accept it.

Hence, new generations do not want to be a part of family gatherings and always want to hang out with their friends.

They want to avoid more interactions with their parents because of their nosy approach.


Respect is a part of history now. The new generation has totally rolled over the respect towards their elders.

A difference of opinion doesn’t mean that you do not have to respect your elders.

Stepping away from your roots has certainly made the new generation totally forget about the importance of respect towards elders.

New-gen should understand that older generations have more experience of life than them, and experience people will always try to teach to help younger ones, but that requires respect towards the older generation.

This has certainly created a generation gap and changed family dynamics due to the lack of interaction left.

Family dynamics affected?

The above reasons have led to changes in our family dynamics. Older generations are more lonely now than ever before.

Visiting parents/grandparents on a continuous basis have declined drastically which is making older generations lonely.

The new generation should understand that difference in opinion doesn’t mean you have to part ways.

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