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Is it time to talk more about ‘Depression’ And Missing Friends

We all are living in fast paced life, where expectations are always high in every field of our life.

 With influx of social media in our daily life, expectations to match up with others have risen drastically, Be it Studies, Relationships, careers, Travel . 

Expectations to be the best have impacted all of us and have made us depressed at any stage of life.

Beauty standards, Social Standards, Travel goals and all sorts of hashtags and hungry for getting viral and getting followers on social media. 

All of them are part of making anyone depressed, especially teen aged boys/girls are most effected.


We might have hundreds or thousands of followers on our social media platforms or bunch of friends in reality, who are always there for partying and hangouts. 

But none of them would be there when you need them most when you get depressed.Life with depression is a really tough.

We are missing real friends in our daily life now. Who would check on us, or would know us better what we are going through.

Yes, it is really hard to figure out depressive episodes in someone‚Äôs life. 

But, if you are available as a friend, chances of reaching out to you are higher. Which would help to get professional help from a doctor, due depressive person would likely not seek treatment as shown in stats mentioned above.

While seeking help for depression with the doctor, a real friendship can be one part of the cure who can introduce you back into social life.

It is high time to disconnect fabricated friendships and step up by helping a friend with depression.

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