Leader VS Boss

‘’Get back to work’’ This order keeps circling our heads from our Supervisors/Managers/Directors and anyone who is in the driving seat. 

Thus, a bossy order like that and of any nature leads to a long-lasting effect on a team member/ Employee. Any order with a rude/harsh/strong tone could affect your employee/team drastically. 

It can demotivate them to be productive and hence a low-energy team would impact any team’s outcome and later affects productivity as a whole.

A boss would mostly think about their own and rather think of the impact their behavior or words would last on their team. 

A quick bossy meeting affects anyone mentally and leads to low energy in return.

Currently, there’s a shortage of employees in the market, even though there are no such unemployment benefits as it was during the hike of a pandemic.

 Any specific reason for the shortage? , Lack of Leaders in driving seats and a huge number of Bosses still not learning to change their way.

Any leader would act as a motivator. Just like any winning streak football team’s coach, who unites his/her team to win a championship. 

That motivational talk before the start of every day needs to be done, which would ignite the inner creativity and passion everyone has. 

Only a leader could bring any team or any individual on a productive path.

We need leaders, not only on C’s level but on the lower hierarchy as well. 

Team leaders (Need to be leaders)/ Supervisors/ Managers, Who usually take leadership courses and don’t implement skills on the ground rather than just completing online courses of leadership to fulfill position requirements.

If we want to avoid Great Resignation, Companies need to step up and change their strategies to run their business and workplace environment.

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