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Withdrawing Nukes, Lessons from Ukraine

Let’s flashback to 1991, after the fall of the USSR a newly independent country was formed and named UKRAINE. LOCATION: Located in eastern Europe and shares borders with Belarus to the North. Hungry, Slovakia, and Poland to the West. Russia to the East, the sea of Azov, and the Black Sea to the South. HISTORY: After the USSR fell in December 1991 and got leftover … Continue reading Withdrawing Nukes, Lessons from Ukraine

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3 Ways Electric Vehicle (EV) will bring new Crisis

 As human beings have destroyed the atmosphere by burning fossil fuel, deforestation and excessive pollution from industries have ruined planet earth and now carbon emission is the talk of the town. It’s making the earth warmer than ever and making it miserable to have sustainable weather patterns like before.  After making a mess by humans and still doing so, alternative energy resources are needed to … Continue reading 3 Ways Electric Vehicle (EV) will bring new Crisis

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Dating for Life? Or Marriage?

Every now and then we come to know someone among us is getting out of a relationship or dating.  Millennial’s, Gen Z are among the highest who are getting out of dating quicker than ever before and getting into new “relationships “quicker too. Overall dating isn’t a bad thing to do so if it’s done for a short period of time, it teaches you how … Continue reading Dating for Life? Or Marriage?

3 Best ways to balance your relationship

We are living in a fast-paced lifestyle, where 10-12 hrs of our day is spent at work or school. All of us are striving for a better future and to be successful in our careers. There’s too much pressure on us as compared to previous generations, peer pressure, health issues, social pressure, and a robotic lifestyle has made us really lose ourselves emotionally and mentally. … Continue reading 3 Best ways to balance your relationship

Leader VS Boss

‘’Get back to work’’ This order keeps circling our heads from our Supervisors/Managers/Directors and anyone who is in the driving seat.  Thus, a bossy order like that and of any nature leads to a long-lasting effect on a team member/ Employee. Any order with a rude/harsh/strong tone could affect your employee/team drastically.  It can demotivate them to be productive and hence a low-energy team would impact … Continue reading Leader VS Boss

5 Ways to be Successful in Call Center/Phone oriented Jobs

**RING RING** Thank you for calling… Call Center/ Phone oriented job seems easy, BUT it’s more stressful and drains your energy quickly. I mean, by lunch break you’re almost drained and really want to get over with your day.  Therefore, you need to know 5 Ways to handle this stress and be successful. PATIENCE: Before you start your day, *Take a Deep Breath*. PATIENCE would be … Continue reading 5 Ways to be Successful in Call Center/Phone oriented Jobs