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Secrets or Privacy in a relationship: What’s the difference?

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Relationship! Relationship! Relationship!

We all want to get into a relationship, but we hardly know how to manage it and what are the dos and dons in a relationship. Both men and women are tuned differently by God, therefore both partners should understand each gender’s psychology and emotional demands attached to them.

Relationships are important in our lives, it helps us to grow and learn and also help us to achieve our goals.

Secrecy and privacy in any relationship is a hot topic, but mostly misunderstood by couples or mishandled, due to little knowledge of the difference between them.

Both Secrecy and privacy are important for any relationship, it depends on which information you chose to keep on the list. But there are a few basic stuff that is part of the list.

What Needs to be Secret in a relationship?

Few of us must be thinking, Secret in a relationship? Or there shouldn’t be any secret in a relationship.

Everyone’s personality is different, most of us must be open in our relationships and few must take the time to open up. Keeping a secret would vary from person to person and what information should be kept secret would depend on your partner’s acceptance of handling the information

But, if you want to have a healthy relationship you should have to keep a few secrets.

First and foremost, having an extra relationship secret is not part of the list. It is considered cheating.


What’s your privacy?

There’s always a distance between two rail tracks to keep the train running over it. A distance between couples should be kept to some extinct in terms of privacy.

That privacy and distance are healthy for both of you to keep the relationship running like a train with distance among tracks.

What shouldn’t be Secret or privacy?

Few matters should always be discussed in a relationship. Healthy conversation is essential and would strengthen your relationship.

Not part of the list in Secrecy or Privacy:


There’s a thin line between secrecy and privacy. Draw that line. Not too many secrets nor privacy will make your relationship work.

Communicate as much as you can, if your partner is controlling and don’t want any secrets and privacy among both of you, it will have drastic effects on the relationship.

Personal space is always important to stay healthy

The information which should be communicated to your partner, shouldn’t be kept secret. Too much secrecy about your life will not keep you sustained in any relationship.

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