The Best Ways To Utilize Relationships

We are designed to be in close proximity to each other, and we call that proximity a relationship. We build connections with each other, hence the connection is converted into a relationship. As human beings, our first encounter with a relationship starts with our mother, which is the closest to heart relationship we get naturally, without any effort to create that relationship, and later it develops with our dad and siblings.

A relationship with a mother is the first step of a relationship any human being takes regardless of country, culture, race, or religion. As we grow older our relationships grow with respect to our contact with people around us and we make new relationships as friends, girlfriends/boyfriends, or spouses.

All of the mentioned relationships are part of our lives and help us understand how important relationships are for our existence.

Every relationship has its own requirements to move along with. If we know how to utilize every relationship, we can certainly be the best people and coexist accordingly.

Let’s dive into the best ways to utilize relationships.

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Relationship with Mother/Parents:

One of the best relationships in this entire universe could only be with our mother/parents. No one can replace the bonding and love associated with mother/parents, a stepping stone in our lives and the first relationship of our life.

This relationship could be the best one if you know how to utilize it. Our mother/parents’ perspective could be different from ours, but if we realize that they have more experience in life and have seen much, then we can start accepting their point of view. This relationship requires respect, care, and acceptance of their views.

The best ways to utilize this relationship:

  • Be respectful (if you’re respectful with your parents, you can be respectful to anyone in your life)
  • Be patient, especially when they are getting older (If you’re not patient with them, you will not gain patience in life with others)
  • Learn from their experiences
  • Always take advice and discuss your problems with them (You will get best advice from them)
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Relationship with Friends:

Whether you have a bunch of friends group or a few, there could only be a couple of best friends you would have in your life to whom you can rely on any situation. You only need those couple of real friends who would stay in your friendship relation for the rest of your life.

This relationship is the second relationship of our lives and plays an important part in making our habits according to our friends.

Therefore the best ways to utilize this relationship:

  • Choose wisely (the only way to utilize this relationship, choose wisely )
  • Consult your problems (But don’t let them enforce you to make a decision according to them)
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Relationship with Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Spouse:

This relationship is a lot different from the mentioned above relationships. It can keep you happy or could give you the worst experience in your life, regardless of the stature, this relationship would give you goosebumps if you fall in love. It is a beautiful relationship after the first relationship mentioned above.

It can bring out the best from you and keeps you striving more professionally and mentally if you would know how to utilize it:

  • Trust (Pillar of this relationship is based on trust, you cant utilize this relationship at all, if your pillars are not strong enough)
  • Partner with goals (you can utilize well with this relationship, if your partner has goals in life just like you, you can both grow professionally and as a couple)
  • Patience (you would need Ton of patience in this relationship to prosper and make it work)
  • Communication (You need it more than anything to utilize this relationship, communication in marriage is even more important to be successful in the long run)
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Relationship with your Boss/Co-workers:

Workplaces are like a second home for all of us, therefore relationship with our boss and co-workers do impact our lives. You will not get the best Boss/co-workers of your choice. It is important to know how to utilize this relationship as we cannot avoid it.

The best ways to utilize this relationship:

  • Focus (regardless if you like your boss /co-worker or not, stay focused on your work)
  • Acceptance (We can’t get everyone to think like us, and accept other’s point of view)
  • Learn (your boss/Co-worker might be annoying for you, but you can still learn from their positives, which might help you grow professionally )

Life is a crazy ride, and relationships are not meant to be perfect either, and each relationship has its own demands, we should know how to utilize our relationships as mentioned above, which can help us to deal with each relationship accordingly.

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