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5 Best Ways To Travel Dubai on a Budget

“ Dubai? it will be an expensive trip for you”

That’s what my friend told me when he heard about my vacation plan in Dubai.

But, what I found is that you can have both. Do you want luxury? You can have it, but you can also travel to Dubai under budget.

A city of the mini world I would say, you can find any nationality here, any cuisine, any dress. From adventure to sightseeing, this city will give you goosebumps with the modern infrastructure and amazing skyscrapers.

As soon as you will land at the Dubai Airport, you will see why this city is famous for traveling and attracts millions every year.  

A huge airport with duty-free shops all around, not only that terminals has ample space to walk even with all the shopping stores around.

Airports are usually trademarks for any country/city, where your expectations would already buildup about your travel as soon you will see the airport.

Well. Dubai airport will not let you down in this case.

Let me get into, how you can travel on a budget in Dubai.

Want to Save Money? HOTEL LOCATION Matters

This is the first thing you want to work on,

What I found, your hotel location should be in the Deira (neighborhood). It is the best under-budget location, mostly all hotels are close to the bus stops and metro stations.

The best thing about this neighborhood? Only 6km (3 miles) away from the airport.

Stores (24 Hrs.), restaurants (On average cost 5-9 USD for a plate and open till 3 am and a few 24hrs), pharmacies, and shopping malls are all within walking distance.

Hotels are typically from 40 USD – 90 USD/night in July (the Summer season)

How to Commute? METRO

Since you are staying around the metro station, it is the best way to commute to all the famous landmarks.

Buy a metro re-loadable card for 5 USD from the metro station and top up for a minimum of 5 USD, one way will cost you 1 USD.

Metro will take you to all the landmarks including  BURJ KHALIFA, DUBAI FRAME, FUTURE MUSEUM, and DUBAI MALL.

Also, if you want to take the Taxi, a short distance would be better during off-peak hours from 9 am – 3 pm (minimum starts from 4 USD) and peak hours (3 pm – 11 pm/weekdays from 7 USD)


With Metro commute, you can access famous landmarks as mentioned above.

Get ready to walk A LOT. You will be walking a lot while using the Metro. For example, there’s a good 15-20 minutes walk from Dubai Mall’s metro stop to Dubai Mall’s entrance which is linked with the metro stop.


Dubai Mall is huge and luxurious, the best thing about is that you can walk around to see Aquarium in Dubai mall and you can walk all the way to see the magnificent BURJ KHALIFA (closer look), all free sightseeing.


There’s a fountain dance every 10 minutes too, better go at night, a lighting show with dancing fountains will mesmerize you.

Dubai frame and future museum are walking distance from the Dubai Mall or you can exit on their metro stations.

All sightseeing is free.

  • Note: IF you want to experience the 125th-floor outlook on Burj Khalifa, you will have to pay .The same goes for visiting inside The future museum and The Dubai frame

Want to take a BOAT RIDE for less than 1 USD?

If you are staying in Deira, you can easily experience this, or if you want to visit sight under budget.

A boat ride that takes you from Deira to another side i.e. Deira Old Souk for 1 Dirham (0.25 USD).

It’s a 5-minute ride only. Each boat will consist of 15-20 passengers.

Here, you will see the old Dubai remains, which they have turned into sightseeing with souvenir shops and cafes.

A sight of old Dubai with new modern Dubai on the other side of the sea (truly amazing views)


The other choice is you can take a boat ride to a much busier route Al sabkha Abra station to Deira old Souk, it cost the same but you will be visiting the old market this time.

Feeling adventurous?? DESERT SAFARI

Even though, the desert safari is considered to be only luxurious, which is a wrong perception.

You can go on a desert safari with a minimum of 12 USD/person including food

Make sure, you can bare all the crazy juggling, twist, and turns you can bear in your SUV.

You will get picked up by 2-3 pm and will be back by  9-10 pm.

First, you will be taken to the desert camps, where you can use desert bikes if you are willing to pay extra  (60 USD /person),

Then you will be taken on a desert safari, where your car will skid in the desert and your driver will make you go crazy with their driving skills.


Later, you will be taken to separate camps, where belly dance performances and a couple of other performances will be performed, and food will be served.

  • Note: The more you’ll pay the better the service will be. Having said that, Under the budget desert safari is still fun and exciting within the price.

All pictures are captured by myself, therefore all credits goes to me. 🙂

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