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Waste Disaster and The Little Known Benefits of Minimalist Lifestyle

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Photo by Tom Fisk on Pexels.com LANDFILL

It was a labor day weekend in the USA, I was scrolling through YouTube and randomly clicked one of the documentaries which were suggested in my list. It was about merchandise waste produced by developed
countries, and how it gets dumped later in African countries, South Asian Countries, and South American Countries.

It blew me off completely that even those underdeveloped countries with fewer resources and much-needed clothes are not able to sell those used clothes either, due to tons of clothes are being dumped
into their countries on regular basis and they can’t even sell them off due to continuous shipments are coming on a regular basis with tons and tons of used clothes.

The same goes for electronic waste which is being dumped in those countries as mentioned above. Developed countries have made a mess for underdeveloped countries by dumping their e-waste and merchandise waste into their countries.

Since the introduction of fast fashion in the 1980s, which boomed in the late 1990 and early 2000, buying habits of consumers had shifted completely, where the need for clothes has overtaken wants. Accessible
prices have attracted more and more buyers which have made them shopping addict, consumers are now buying for fun no matter if they really need those products or not.

According to an estimate, around 15million items of used clothes are received by Ghana every week. And 40% goes to landfills due to poor quality and ripped clothes received. used-clothes-choke-both-markets-and-environment-in-ghan

The tech industry has seen the same stats as well, with new tech products being on the shelf quicker than ever, and advancements in new products hitting the market within a few months. Tons of electronic
waste are dumped in countries like Africa, China, and India to name a few.

According to Environmental Science and Technology journal  , around 23% of electronic waste was sent by developed countries to developing countries like China, Mexico, India, Ghana, Nigeria. These countries are going through environmental disasters due to a lack of recycling facilities and toxic from hazardous waste has significant impacts on health and the environment. Mostly all electronic waste ended in the landfill.

It is high time for developed countries including fashion and tech companies to shift their priorities towards the betterment of this world and environment. Fast fashion trends should be discarded and tech products should be produced with alternative components.

On the other hand, consumers should take matters into their hands and should think about the impact they are creating on this world, regardless of waste being dumped in developing countries, but its effects on all of us in this world.

A minimalist approach should be advertised as much as possible on social media specifically. On an individual basis, we should adopt a Minimalism lifestyle or approach which could have made things better.

Input on an individual basis is required to make our environment and lives better.

The million-dollar question: How to change our lifestyle and shift to a minimalist approach? Does it mean to be stingy? Does it mean not to shop at all? What about Christmas shopping and gifts? Do we have to get rid of all?

The answer is: No, you don’t have to do that all.

A minimalist lifestyle means to overpower your needs over wants. To get away from shopping addiction which has made ‘wants’ more prominent in our mindset. we want to fulfill our addiction by buying more and more to satisfy the addiction.

There are a few known benefits of the Minimalist lifestyle:


First and foremost benefit: it really saves your energy. You will not have to worry about buying new trends as soon as possible and waste your time thinking about them every few weeks.


You are going to save a lot of money with a minimalist approach. Now you can invest all the money saved being minimalist, you can invest in stocks, small businesses, and other investments or travel with those savings.

Isn’t it a win-win situation?


It will help you to focus on your personality more. Your new clothes and gadgets will not justify who you are as a person. Rather than your clothes or gadgets would be the center of your attraction, it will be your personality that would shine and leave an impact on others.


By adopting a minimalist lifestyle, you would know the value of things. With a minimalist approach, you will use your things wisely.

Approach: How to approach it?

You can buy only 5-6 t-shirts, tops, jeans, and skirts in the same colors which would make a habit to be content with your things.

Goal: To be Happy

The main goal to adopt a minimalist lifestyle is to be happy with what you have. Regardless of the brand name which was making you happy. Happiness doesn’t lie in the price tag. If you are not happy from the inside then none of the luxury shopping or continuous shopping would make you happy either.


With a minimalist approach, you would have less clutter sitting in your closet, garage, and your home in general. With less clutter around, you will feel energetic and productive. It is a burden of clutter that impacts us a lot. Try it, you will be happy when you get rid of your clutter.

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