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What everybody needs to know about Love


“Ok mom, I am leaving for school,” Goodiya told her mom while leaving for her school. She was going to medical school to earn an orthodontist degree. She was a beautiful young girl, who was very intelligent, had dreams in her eyes, and wanted to be the best orthodontist. After her class, goodiya was chitchatting with her friends, and all of them were sharing plans. “I want to marry a rich handsome guy after I will graduate and will live my life as a queen,” said Nosh, who was Goodiya’s friend. It was Reb’s turn, she said “Well, I and Adil will get married after graduation since we both had already engaged last year”.

Everyone was sharing their goals after graduation, it was now goodiya’s turn, she said “I don’t have any plans for getting married, I will do a house job after graduation and later get a specialization. I want to grow myself professionally, marriage is a part of life but it’s not only the ultimate reason for living”. Everyone was making fun of her since most girls get married after their graduation in Poplas.

Goodiya used to think differently, and her goals in life were a lot different than her friends. In her broken family, where her mom wasn’t supportive either, she was suffering from depression and anxiety most of her life and has mostly ignored her daughters in upbringing. Goodiya was the youngest daughter and needed the most love she always looked for from her mother. Her parent’s relationship was not balanced either. It is due to severe depression and anxiety problems, goodiya’s mother had never been polite with her kids and husband with whom she was always fighting.

This had impacted goodiya’s mindset, she didn’t want to get into marriage till she was ready for it. Life in poplas was kind of tough for girls, where they were forced or pressurized to get married by 25years age to be the most.

Life was passing by at its own pace. Goodiya completed her graduation, and she was happy that hard work has finally given her the best results. She was looking forward to doing her house job and gaining experience. But sometimes life has different plans than ours.

Her mom started looking for a partner for her, goodiya did not want to get arranged marriage, she didn’t want to be part of the cultural norms and wanted to be in love with someone to whom she’ll get married. Her mom was pressurizing her to get married and showed her one of the guys she chose for her. Goodiya denied it, as she found out that guy was into drinking habits and other unethical habits, she wasn’t getting the best of the vibes from the guy chosen by her mother. But that guy had managed to impress goodiya’s mother.

With all the pressure, she decided to take matters into her own hands. She logged into a dating app that she found on Facebook, hoping she’ll find someone. But she wasn’t getting any guy she could trust. Suddenly, she got a text from a guy named Goff. They talked about normal day-to-day stuff, there wasn’t anything specific. “He seemed like an average guy, nothing alarming as he didn’t ask for her contact number in the first talk”, Goodiya thought.

**To be continued**

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