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Adverse effects of Negativity and Negative Bias

Negativity is defined as habitual skepticism and a disagreeable tendency to deny or oppose or resist suggestions or commands.

 It is bad thinking or thinking out of line for any situation, for example, ‘It will definitely be going to rain before the game’ or ‘ I can’t ride a bike as I will get into an accident for sure’

Negative thinking would always think worse for any given situation. “World is getting a horrible place to live in” and so on. We must have heard these sentences around us.

Our brain is structured on basis of our thinking. As we would think, it will react accordingly. You might be thinking that you are going through any disease, and ignoring how negative you are in every approach of your daily life.

According to the experts, you can get rid of your bad habits in 21 days, which shows this habit can also go away from you if you try it.

On the other hand, negativity could also be the effect of depression, life’s traumatic event, or substance abuse. You can seek professional advice if it is caused by diseases.

In general, negativity has adverse effects on you and on people around you:

  • Toxic negativity

It fuels the toxic environment around you and it will make everyone distance from you

  • Bad Health

Consistent negative thinking slows your digestion and it slows your body’s ability to fight inflammation. Therefore, negative people tend to get sick more.

  • Socially Alone

No one wants to be surrounded by negativity. This bad habit will make you alone, no one wants to be around you and it will make you socially unacceptable.

  • No Hope

Negative thinking would bring negative energy around you, with any difficult time in your life, you will not be able to see any hope and it will make you really down and fed up with your life, even though that difficulty wouldn’t be that worse to handle.


A negative bias is a tendency to remember the negative comment, a negative tone. You would remember a negative comment about your efforts at work by your colleague, even though it could be said for your betterment or for your improvement.

After work when your boyfriend/wife/husband would ask ‘How was your day ‘ you will end up replying “Horrible” , Even though you had a perfect day, you only remembered that comment about your project.

The effects created by negativity are long-lasting as compared to positive comments. This phenomenon is known as Negative bias.

Human beings tend to remember negative events more than positive ones. You might recall more about:

  • Insulting behavior is given by your brother
  • A negative comment about your dressing
  • Your family member kicked you out of the house, even was the one who had made a mess
  • Your friend misbehaved with you
  • Everyone laughed at your presentation at school

All these would have been imprinted on your mind for most of your life.

Let’s talk about adverse effects

Decision Making

You will be confused while making a decision, due to your thoughts of having an adverse effect on any decision you will make.

Either you want to invest in any business or want to help your friend by lending them money, in either case, you will think about your loss, rather than a gain or positive

Personal Relationship

It is due to a negative comment your partner had made about you earlier, even though it is a human tendency to express feelings openly with your partner.

With your biased negative thoughts, you would expect the same negativity and it will have adverse effects on your relationship.


  • Positive over Negative

Tune your mind to positivity, and extract positive impacts you get from others or with any decision you are making. Any negative outcome would make you think negative again, think of how you can do better next time

  • Think of the Positive Moments

Cherish yourself by thinking about the best moments you had with your partner, or the positive energy you get from the situation or from the person you are feeling negative about

  • Yoga

Clear your mind and focus on positive energy by doing yoga. It will relax your mind and helps you to gain control of your positivity.

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