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Discover 5 Reasons How Hobbies Change Our Life for the Better

Hobby is considered as an activity done outside of your normal work duties, or you engage yourself in your spare time. It could be anything you would do that makes you happy or anything you are passionate about.

We are living a stressful life with work pressure, financial strain, relationship issues, and the list go on.

Since we are surrounded by technology and millennial, Gen Z is occupied with tech gadgets which are making them more vulnerable in keeping them engaged in hands-on activities.

We all must have realized the importance of hobbies after the pandemic had restricted us indoors and made us adopt hobbies to do at home.

“I am busy” this sentence is ruining us mentally and physically. It is a social norm to give others impressions that we are living an extraordinary life where every minute is occupied with doing work.

Rather than we are wasting our time scrolling on social media or engaging in Netflix shows the whole day long. We are missing out on fun hobbies in our life.

Let’s dive into the reasons why they are important to change our life for good

Physically active

Certain hobbies will keep you physically active, and your heart rate and blood pressure in control.

Physical hobbies such as Hiking, walking, swimming, and Yoga to name a few, will keep your bones strong, enhance your energy, and helps you be active physically.

You can do it once a week or twice at short intervals each day.

Mental Health

Whether you are going through depression and loneliness in your life, a hobby will keep you busy and distract all the negativity around you.

A person without any hobby will struggle even more during times of anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues.

Few hobbies such as Gardening, Photography, Painting, Sketching, or Cooking will help you to ease your nerves.

A sense of accomplishment you will get by doing such hobbies will enhance your confidence and make you happy inside out.

Side Hustle

You heard that right!

Few hobbies will help you with your side hustle, or if you have lost your job and during the time of job search, your hobby could become your full-time business.

Outdoor hobbies such as Photography, tour guide, Sidewalk cleaning or roadside sketching can be your side hustle. For instance, you can earn from your photography by posting it on unsplash

Indoor hobbies can also make you earn some cash, Your cooking hobby can be your side hustle. You can post your niche on a nextdoor or Facebook marketplace to get quick orders or by word of mouth.

The sky is the limit.

Self Reformation

Going through tough times in life? Want to enhance your skills?

You can re-discover yourself by adopting hobbies like Volunteering, Solo Travelling, and Painting or mediation.

It will help you to learn from others or brings out your creativity and enhance the missing skills you are looking for.

Meeting new people, seeing nature, or helping your community while volunteering will help you in self-reformation.

Discover your Creativity

Feeling creative? Have wild thoughts, but are not sure where to express them?

You can start a writing hobby for instance writing fiction stories or anything you want to.

Few creative hobbies such as Knitting, Blogging, Candle making, or jewelry making will help you to express your creativity and helps you discover even more creativity hidden inside you which you wouldn’t know without adopting such hobbies.

Million Dollar Question: Which hobby to choose?

You must be wondering, how would I choose any hobby?

You can decide by asking a few questions yourself:

What attracts me more?

What makes me feel that I can do any time of the day?


You can try a few of the hobbies and decide according to your best interest.

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